Tai Chi

Qigong Weekend with Bob Lowey

09 September 2022 - 12 September 2022

Leader: Bob Lowey

Cost Information: Cost: £180 single room, £240 for two people sharing a twin, £102 dorm. Full board and lodging costs.

Course fee £100 Bob kindly donates all fees to the Holy Island Project.

Course outline

Over this weekend, we will explore 2 complete Qigong Systems: The 12 Yi Jin Jing exercises The 5 Animal Frolics for improved musculature, stronger immunity and overall sense of wellbeing.

Yi Jin Jing

It is said that the Muscle Change Scripture and Essence Cleansing Scripture were written by Bodhidharma, the eminent Buddhist monk from India (CE 386–534) at the Shaolin Temple at Songshan Mountains, China.

According to legend, Bodhidharma saved the Muscle Changing Scripture (Yi Jin Jing) and another scripture - the Essence Cleansing Scripture - (Xi Sui Jing) in his meditation cave and during a renovation to a cave wall, the two scriptures were accidentally discovered.

5 Animal Frolics

This is a Qigong exercise system created by the famous physician Hua Tuo (CE 140 – 208)

The Yi Jin Jing is often compared to Wu Qin Xi (Five Animal Internal Energy Frolics) and Baduanjin (Eight Pieces of Brocade). Where Yi Jin Jing acts upon the muscles and tendons, the 5 Animal Frolics compliment the Yi Jin Jing significantly by further relaxing and stretching the connective tissues of the body that lead to an awareness of internal consolidation.

Both exercises are suitable for beginner or advanced levels of study but does require mobility.

Bob has been coming to the island from the very start of the Holy Isle Project. He very kindly donates all his fee to the Holy Isle Project.  


Use the Book Now button in the sidebar - 3 nights from September 9th. A screen will come up with the available accommodation, please select. You will then see a page called Additional Extras. Please select Qigong Weekend with Bob Lowey