One the many special things about Holy Isle is that the Project is run by a team of volunteer staff. Volunteering

Most people find volunteering on Holy Isle very rewarding. The Project offers a valuable opportunity for skills development & personal growth, living in community while supporting  a fully functioning guest house & retreat centre in a stunning location. We have a daily meditation schedule which you are welcome to join and the chance to learn more about meditation and Buddhism if you wish. It must be stressed however, that Holy Isle is not a Buddhist centre nor a monastery and the volunteers and guests include people of all faiths and none. 

Trial period

Depending on the individual and our vacancies, some people commit to work on the island for a full season (March to October), while others come for periods of weeks or a few months. 

Whatever period you are considering volunteering with us, you need to complete a two-week Working Holiday try out period, for which we charge £15 per night, to see whether you are suited to working in our relatively isolated busy guest house and retreat centre.

Please note we make a charge for the trial period because we have many people asking to do these two-week Working Holidays and cannot support every applicant. However, we do not want finances to be an obstacle to connecting with the Holy Isle Project and if this cost is getting in the way, please let us know. We are happy to discuss.

All full-time volunteers who have successfully completed their two-week Working Holiday trial period offer their work on an unpaid basis with lodgings provided in and around the Centre, full board and certain expenses available. 

Click here to see more information about volunteering opportunities in 2020.

How to Apply

For further information and application forms for full time volunteering opportunities on Holy Isle volunteering@holyisle.org

Guest Volunteers

We also offer a part-time volunteering option, for people who can visit only a few days or a week or so. 

Click here to see more information about Guest Volunteers.

We look forward to hearing from you!