One the many special things about Holy Isle is that the Project is run by a team of volunteer staff  who commit to work on the island for a full season (March to October). During busy periods of the season, additional volunteers commit to shorter periods of time (one to three months). Volunteering

Short- or long-term full-time volunteer staff offer their work for free in return for board and lodgings. 

If you do not want to work full-time but would like to make a contribution in return for reduced costs, you can contribute your time as a Volunteer Guest by which we offer a 25% reduced rate in return for a half day's work. 

To book a stay, use the online booking button in the sidebar and add a note that you are interested in Guest Volunteering in the Requests text box.
Full time volunteering
Most people find volunteering on Holy Isle very rewarding. The Project offers a valuable opportunity for skills development & personal growth, living in community while supporting  a fully functioning guest house & retreat centre in a stunning location. We have a daily meditation schedule which you are welcome to join and the chance to learn more about meditation and Buddhism if you wish. It must be stressed however, that Holy Isle is not a Buddhist centre or a monastery and the volunteers and guests include people of all faiths and none.

Trial period

If you are considering medium- or long-term volunteering with us, you need to complete a two-week work trial at a reduced rate of £15 per night. 

Occasionally, there are opportunities available to be filled directly after you have completed your trial. At other times, we will enter you onto our volunteer database and keep you informed of any vacancies as they arise.

How to Apply

For further information and application forms for volunteering opportunities on Holy Isle volunteering@holyisle.org

We look forward to hearing from you!