Catherine Brannan and Chris Saunders

Chris Saunders and Catherine Brannan have lived very different lives however are united through their same passion for mindful living, meditation, nature connection and a committed deepening enquiry of their own spiritual journey. They are both driven to improve lives through the power of mindful living and nature connection.  They share lived experience and academic studies.

As individuals, Chris and Cath travelled extensively in their 20’s and 30’s. They each attended University as mature students. Chris enjoys taking expeditions in the high Atlas Mountains, undertaking Forest Schools events, daily yoga and solo surfing waves around Scotland. Cath enjoys events such as cycled the world’s most dangerous road in Bolivia, skydived in Spain and climbed Machu Picchu.

In 1986 Chris was introduced to meditation through his yoga practice which he found beneficial in his chaotic life at that point. Chris enjoyed involvement with The Friends of the Western Buddhist Order, Tibetan mysticism, Kundalini yoga and other mindfulness practices. Chris has a wide range of studies ranging from Vedic to Shamanic. Chris has lived as a horse drawn traveller, spent several years living solo in Cumbrian woodlands and has travelled extensively. Chris was drawn to Scotland many years ago where he established and is CEO of a successful community based, outdoor education social enterprise in Girvan. This is just one of several community passions for Chris.  For more info on Chris:

In 1984 Cath left to work overseas which drove her passion for working in Third World countries and learning about new cultures, religions and insights. On returning to the UK she found herself in the thick of the corporate world then the Public and Third Sectors. Cath always felt ‘something missing’ when she returned to the UK as spirituality, a link with nature and self care seemed limited wherever she would go. Cath is an accredited mindfulness and youth mindfulness teacher.  Cath combines mindfulness practice with her interest in Taoism and Law of Attraction. She has now founded her own business, supporting people to make better life choices by understanding themselves at a deeper level resulting in a greater sense of self empowerment.  For more info on Cath: