Sukema (Larry Butler), Kristine McKenzie-Janson, Ratnadevi


Sukhema aka Larry Butler is a poet and a publisher, teaches tai-chi in healthcare settings, leads therapeutic writing groups for Lapidus Scotland, and he helped establish Towards Transition Glasgow. He completed a facilitator training in the Work That Reconnects with Maitrisara, Chris Johnstone and others in England. He co-led a WTR facilitator training course in Scotland with Jenny Mackewn; Larry has 30 years experience facilitating groups and teaching others how to do it.

Kristine Mackenzie-Janson is a mindfulness teacher and trained facilitator in The Work That Reconnects. She works for the Mindfulness Association and runs Earthy Mindfulness - offering workshops and mindfulness sessions about reconnecting with both our inner world and the world around us: the awareness of being an inextricable part of this one wild and precious earth.

Ratnadevi: My practice of the WTR is embedded in decades of practice and teaching of mindfulness and Buddhism. I am also a Dalcroze Rhythymics music and movement teacher which informs an organic and creative leadership style. Another influence is NVC, Nonviolent or Compassionate Communication. I have been leading WTR workshops and retreats since 2005 and am active in XR, offering workshop for activists. I integrate WTR elements in many of my other teaching and retreats, as well as writing. I am about to publish a book called 'Bringing Mindfulness to Life' and 'engaged mindfulness' is a big part of it.


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