Coming to our Senses through Yoga and Meditation

Gentle yet invigorating yoga and meditation retreat

03 April 2020 - 06 April 2020

Leader: Ratnadevi

Cost Information: Cost: £165 single room, £240 for two people sharing a twin, £96 dorm. Full board and lodging costs.

Course fee £125

Course outline

Take a break from the speed and complexity of life and re-connect with the things that really matter: feeling centred and connected to ourselves, others, the environment and our purpose in life.  Yoga is both invigorating and relaxing and together with meditation helps us to slow down and see, hear, smell and touch the world with fresh appreciation. The emphasis in the yoga is on mindfulness and enjoyment and includes some Feldenkrais sequences. The daily programme is interspersed with several short (10 –30 min) meditations of different kinds and there will be opportunities to share how we are getting on.

There will also be space to look at our lives with fresh eyes and explore what gives us true satisfaction. Weather permitting some practice will take place outside, in the peaceful and magical setting of the island – maybe doing walking meditation among the horses.

The retreat is suitable for beginners and people who practice mindfulness already and are looking for an opportunity to deepen their experience.

Early booking is recommended. The course starts at 6 pm on Friday and finishes after breakfast on Monday.


Things to Bring: Comfortable, loose clothes, outdoor wear and indoor footwear. Writing materials. There are yoga mats, but you may prefer to bring your own. 


More Information and Bookings - please contact Ratnadevi to make your booking:

Tel: 0141 946 8096



In order to reserve a place, please send your email and phone contact details along with the course fee of £125 per person made out to 'Luise Holtbernd' and mail to: Ratnadevi, (2/1) 14 Garrioch Drive, Glasgow G20 8RS. 

Alternatively, send funds through direct banking: Luise Holtbernd, 83-21-37, 00172480.  It is important to include your name as reference. Once you have done that, send the booking form by email.

Accommodation: Please indicate the accommodation you would like when you contact Ratnadevi. She will then contact Holy Isle to book your room. See this website for pricing. Payment for accommodation will be made upon arrival on Holy Isle.