Living from the Heart: Meditation, Movement and Mindful Communication


Leader: Ratnadevi and Jayaraja

Cost Information: Cost: £165 single room, £240 for two people sharing a twin, £96 dorm. Full board and lodging costs.

Course fee £125

Course outline

This retreat is an opportunity to come together as a temporary community to explore what it means to live from the heart. In a safe and fun environment we explore emotionally intelligent ways of being with ourselves and others that lead to a deeper sense of connection. Supported by meditation, some periods of silence and replenishing movement, we learn mindful ways to communicate that allow us to

Feel more alive to ourselves and sensitive to others

See what truly matters and live authentically

Learn to recognise some old, protective patterns of judging, blaming, or immediately wanting to fix problems, that don’t really serve us any longer 

Take courage and shed some of the burden of our small, fearful, defensive selves

Feel part of a loving flow of interconnectedness. 

There will be time for exploring the beautiful and peaceful countryside and the largely home- grown food on Holy Isle is truly exceptional. 

Early booking is recommended. The retreat starts at 6pm on Friday and finishes on Monday after breakfast.

For further information and to book: 

For more info see www.livingmindfulness.net
Contact Ratnadevi info@livingmindfulness.net