Being Earthed

A week long journey into the depths of embodiment

This course is now closed

01 July 2017 - 07 July 2017

Leader: Alistair Appleton

Cost Information: £330 single room, £240 per person in a twin, £192 dorm. Course fee £200.

Course outline

This summer's Mindsprings retreat on the Holy Isle is looking at the practices of Somatic Meditation and Earth Practice and Alistair is delighted to working alongside Meditation teacher and former Island resident, Fay Adams. 

From a Buddhist perspective too much thinking is like being lost in a hallucination. Rather than tasting, smelling, sensing and feeling the Earth around us, we get caught up in paper-thin concepts.  And yet, much contemporary practice still encourages to find more and more ways of thinking our selves out of this dead-end. 

Somatic practice offers a different path.  We feel and identify with the experience of the human body and develop increased sense of the energetic depths of the world around us. We become aware of the landscape, animals, plants, people, weather offer that move with us.  Over the course of time, we organically shift our centre-of-gravity away from the anxious treadmill of the thinking mind, into the alive energies of the body and the earth. 

Alistair and Fay will be introducing and guiding us in the basic practices of somatic meditation and helping hold the powerful container of a retreat on Holy Island. Kirsty will be offering daily yoga too. It's a place for real transformation, away from all the distractions and agitations of the consumer-driven world.

This week-long retreat requires no previous experience but will be a deepening for those who practice already. There will be periods of silence and we encourage people to spend the week mobile-, book- and journal-free.