Slaying the Dragon: Hope and Fear SPACES STILL AVAILABLE

‘Buddha’s teaching is everywhere.Today it is raining. This is Buddha’s teaching.’

20 April 2019 - 27 April 2019

Leader: Donal Creedon

Cost Information: £385 single room, £280 per person in a twin, £224 dorm.

Course fee: £175

Course outline

‘Buddha’s teaching is everywhere.Today it is raining. This is Buddha’s teaching.’ Shunryu Suzuki

Without understanding our life, whatever we do will be bound by the twin terrors of hope and fear. We become victim of the dead past and illusory future. As Dōgen said ‘the past swallows up the present and spits it out’. To understand our life is to understand the self. To understand the self is to understand our mind. To understand our mind is to understand the ways of thought. The way of understanding demands study, listening, and meditation. To study doesn’t only mean sutra, text or book but too serve the movement of life in the field of living. The text is the island , the restless waters, the clouds and creatures, the inscape of moods and the weather systems of consciousness.

Each person should be committed to the full retreat program and leave personal demands and agendas aside. This is essential.

Our retreat is informed by Buddhist ethics, view and practice. Ethical conduct and sensitivity to others is assumed.


Use the Book Now button in the sidebar - nights from 20th April. A screen will come up with the available accommodation, please select. You will then see a page called Additional Extras. Please select Slaying the Dragon: Hope and Fear.