Nancy Jean Mirales


My name is Nancy Jean Mirales and I am the creator of Your Beautiful Chakras Retreats and Workshops.

My lifelong passion has been sharing the transformational healing of the chakras.  It’s a dream come to offer these life changing Chakra Retreats. It has been a beautiful journey sharing my love of everything chakra with so many people that who’s willingness and open hearts inspire me every day.

My motto is HEALING HAPPENS IN A HEARTBEAT….and I have found working with the 7 chakras is a powerful, healing sacred dance from earth to heaven.  If you hear the call to retreat….feel  free to contact me…I’d love to hear from you!

My expertise is yoga and the chakra system. I've studied the chakra system for over 25 years and have facilitated chakra workshops in the US before moving to the UK. I am a certified Chakra Teacher/Facilitator with Anodea Judith's Sacred Centres.  I am a certified yoga teacher with IYT Yoga Therapy.  My love of dance and movement lead me to become a Let Your Yoga Dance Teacher (Formerly Kripalu Danskinetics).