A Journey to the Self Through the Chakras...

Free the beautiful soul hidden in your heart!

05 October 2017 - 10 October 2017

Leader: Nancy Jean Mirales

Cost Information: £275 Single Room, £200 Twin each, £160 Dorm. Course Fee: £275 (early bird £245 if paid by 01/06/2017)

Course outline

Nancy Jean Mirales invites you to join her and embark on a journey of self-discovery…a journey through the chakras. We will explore the ancient chakra system, the seven subtle energy centres that run from the base of your spine to the crown of your head and relate to all aspects of who you are.


If you have heard of the chakras and wanted to discover how to work with your body’s innate energies, then this retreat is for you. This 6 day and 5 night retreat is designed with you in mind as we reveal how your chakras are your foundation for change.



The chakras are an aspect of our subtle energy body and run from the base of the spine to the crown of our head. You can visualise them as radiant jewels on a silver string. While they are not physical in nature, the chakras relate closely to the physical body and we have physical experiences of each chakra.


The chakras provide a map to wholeness. From the ground and foundation of chakra one to the bliss of your spiritual experience of chakra seven the chakras encompass the full spectrum of our human experience.


There’s no chakra experience needed to benefit for this retreat! All Welcome!!


Each day we will focus and explore your chakras through chakra yoga, bio energetic exercise, mudra, guided mediation, dance and yoga nidra and more….!

   This Retreat is For You If…

· You want to rekindle your energy, strength and vitality

· Release long held emotions, grief or trauma

· You’re ready to drop the blues and delight in who you really are

· You’re eager to do some ‘blockbusting’ and break through to freedom

· You’re ready to discover your power and purpose

· Have fun uncovering the beautiful soul hidden in your heart

As we take ourselves out of our regular environment we begin to create a fertile ground of receptivity that enables the transformational process to be awakened. This retreat on exquisite Holy Isle is a beautiful process of supported unfolding allowing you to go deeper into yourself, uncovering what is beneath it all, as well as creating a sacred space where you can have an experience of accelerated growth and healing. The 5 elements will also be experienced as we open to the gorgeous natural environment that is Holy Isle. 

Treat yourself to this exciting and supported inner adventure as you discover YOUR BEAUTIFUL CHAKRAS and experience for yourself wholeness, deep healing, connection and vitality. 

Oh…it’s FUN too! Nancy has a special talent for creating a joyful, laughter filled space where you can explore the deepest part of who you are and transform joyfully and effortlessly!

Holy Isle offers a supportive and beautiful retreat experience. There will be plenty of time for you to relax, explore and experience the healing energy of Holy Isle. Accommodations include board and lodging (single, twin or dorm) and delicious, healthy, vegetarian meals.

Things to bring

Comfortable, loose clothes, outdoor wear and indoor footwear. There are yoga mats, but you may prefer to bring your own.


"Nancy’s Chakra Retreat on Holy Isle has been fantastic!

Her playful way of conducting the course made it interesting and we as a group participated with fun and curiosity. Nancy’s openness, sense of humour, but also her deep knowledge, her story telling and trust made us laugh and cry. I have been on many retreats in my life, but never laughed so much!  Thank you so much for these wonderful 5 days on our course, and thank you for having chosen this beautiful peaceful Holy Isle Retreat Centre. You are amazing. Lisa K....Scotland

When I signed up to go on a retreat it was really a leap of faith into the unknown and a big step for me. I never expected to have so much fun and learn so much simultaneously. I can say that is has been inspirational, interesting, restorative, restful and filled with laughter and joy. Thank you, Nancy!"

Claire, Essex UK

"The Chakra Retreat opened up a huge insight to who I am and has given me the tools to work toward moving forward and making progress along my spiritual path. This has had a huge impact on my view of the way I want to live my life in a more empowering way."

Sarah, Milton Keynes UK


To reserve your place on this unique retreat please pay the course fee: £245 Early Bird Special until 01/06/2017 ... then £275 and let Nancy know what type of room you would like (single, twin or dorm). Your room will be reserved for you by Nancy. Accommodation is payable upon arrival.


Nancy Jean Mirales

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