Joy, Self-compassion and Simple Acceptance

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20 December 2018 - 27 December 2018

Leader: Clive Holmes

Cost Information: See below

Course outline

At this holiday time of year, and in the beautiful environment of Holy Isle, we will understand how to cultivate joy. Joy does not have to be artificially created but can be discovered in our meditation practice and in our daily lives. Joy means to go beyond “up and down” happiness and sadness. We can learn to relax and enjoy being at ease even within uncertainty. There will also be useful teachings on self-compassion since in the west we often suffer unnecessarily from a lack of self-acceptance and a lack of self-respect! We will meditate together on acceptance, coupled with training in kindness and mental stability so that we are not blown around like a feather by our emotions. Life can be less of a struggle once we cultivate a gentle, precise and letting go attitude towards all of our experience, both inner and outer. The course is suitable for beginners and those advanced alike. There will be will be visualisation, some very gentle movement exercises and meditation practises

Please bring an open mind and a willingness to think, “outside the box!”

“The mind is like a parachute-it works best when it is open.”

Please note, the focus of both the Christmas and New Year retreats will be meditating on joy and self compassion - this will be their underlying theme. 

You are welcome to stay through both Christmas and New Year or to come for one or other of the retreats, which are stand-alone courses. We offer a reduced course fee for those coming for the entire period.

Here are the 3 retreat options, along with costs:

  1. To stay for the entire period 20 December to 3 January; or
  2. To arrive on Thursday, 20 December and stay for the first period (over Christmas), and then depart on Thursday, 27 December; or
  3. To arrive on Thursday 27 December and stay for the second period (over New Year), and then depart on Thursday, 3 January 
  1. Entire period: 20 Dec - 3 Jan: £770 single room, £560 twins each, £448 dorms. Course fee £325
  2. First period over Christmas: 20 Dec - 27 Dec: £385 single room, £280 twins each, £224 dorms. Course fee £200
  3. Second period over New Year: 27 Dec - 3 Jan:  £385 single room, £280 twins each, £224 dorms. Course fee £200


Use the Book Now button - 7 or 14 nights from 20 December or 7 nights from 27 December. A screen will come up with the available accommodation, please select. You will then see a page called Retreat Description Additional Extras. Please select either Christmas and New Year Retreat, Christmas Retreat or New Year Retreat