Mindfulness Based Authentic Leadership

26 June 2017 - 30 June 2017

Leader: Norton Bertram-Smith

Cost Information: The course fee will include the £220 cost of a 4 night stay in a single room

Course outline

"An Executive Retreat"

This Retreat has been designed to give participants an understanding of how mindfulness can be of benefit to Leaders of today. When exploring Leadership within the context of uncertainty and change it’s apparent that Leaders need to be grounded and present, respond flexibly and feel connected and a sense of belonging within their organisational community.

Mindfulness is in essence about being aware of what is happening whilst it is happening, without unconscious bias. This requires a leader to learn how to be ‘presence-based’. In three days whilst on retreat, you will learn how to develop a mindfulness practice aimed at becoming a presence-based leader, whilst exploring the relevance to leadership within your context.

The Retreat is aimed at providing participants with an opportunity to participate in dialogue, sharing ideas and opinions, whilst gaining insight and knowledge from a highly experienced leadership coach and mindfulness teacher. 

Additional Information

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Please call Norton on: 01467 643 888

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Numbers will be limited to eight.